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NRC blown away by generosity of Thatcham Town Council

One of the highlights of the Newbury Road Club social calendar in 2022 was its attendance at the Thatcham Family Fun Day in June. As guests of organisers Thatcham Town Council, this superb event gave the Club an opportunity to showcase cycling in the community, meet and greet lots of new faces and unleash its legendary reverse steer bikes on an unsuspecting audience.

However, the day got off to a very windy start which saw the Club gazebo, along with a few others, heading skywards towards Reading. A replacement was found for the day, however the gazebo was unfortunately damaged beyond repair. However, all was not lost. Thanks to a generous donation by the Thatcham Town Council Community Project Fund, the Club has been able to fund a new high-end branded Gazebo for its 2023 season of events.

Thatcham Town Council has a history of assisting voluntary groups and societies, clubs, not-for-profit organisations with discretionary awards, where it is felt they will benefit the local community.

“We are thrilled that Thatcham Town Council have generously helped to replace our Gazebo,” said Club Chair, Lorraine Murrell. “The contribution of the Council has been instrumental in the Club being able to fund this purchase and we will use it to promote our Club and the benefits of cycling in events across the community. Look out for it at the next Thatcham Fun Day. We have signed up to take part and we look forward to seeing you there!”


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