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  • How long should a Sunday weekend ride be?
    We offer rides of different durations depending on ability. On Sundays our green rides, of about 20–30 miles take about 2-3 hours. Our longer red and black rides can take upwards of 5 hours. You can see typical ride grading and lengths on the Club Rides page.
  • Do you run social events?
    Yes we do! Whilst our rides are very sociable, social events are great for meeting the wider membership community and getting to know each other. We recently held a social at West Berkshire Brewery which was good fun and very well-attended, we hope to repeat this again soon. At the end of November 2020, we held a virtual quiz, again very well-supported, with teams competing against each other on Zoom. Our annual dinner is usually held at the end of February and a club Bar-b-que is held in late summer.
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