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We are the primary cycling club in West Berkshire. Surrounded by areas of outstanding beauty, our busy, thriving club has always capitalised on this wonderful natural asset, combining cycling, countryside, and companionship.

Founded in 1925, the club is steeped in racing history and riding legends – many of whom still ride regularly with us today.

NRC was originally founded as a platform for road cycle racing. Over the years, it has fostered many outstanding race and time-trial cyclists and today is an active member club in the Cycling Time Trials (CTT). During the time trial season, we stage weekly events on local courses, as well as annual TT events that attract racers from across the region. Race Points and Club Trophies are hotly contested and awarded at our annual prize-giving. You can find out more here.

To keep the racers fit in between events, the club ran ‘training’ rides and these have evolved into the social rides most of our members enjoy today. So, while racing is still a big part of the club, the majority simply enjoy group social rides with like-minded cyclists on most days of the week.

With its racing pedigree, but a focus on social riding for all, NRC has something for everyone. Our route library and expert local knowledge mean that on- and off-road cyclists can enjoy hidden lanes and tracks safely together. Out of the saddle, there’s always the chance to catch up with fellow cyclists through a busy calendar of club social events.

With the rapid growth in UK cycling, we were delighted to welcome more newcomers, of all ages and genders, than ever. We look forward to riding with you!

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