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NRC 1925 – 2025

Cup from 1927.jpg

In 2025 we will be celebrating 100 years of cycling in Newbury! A remarkable achievement, representing a Centenary (and more) of continuous cycling in the area, from one of the oldest such Clubs in the country.  During 2025 we will remember the many legends that have ridden with us, reflect how our Club has evolved as well as looking forward to dynamic and exciting times ahead.

As a prelude to our anniversary year, we look back at some of the Club's origins, notable chapters and highlights of the Club's history. We hope it will set the scene and put you in the mood to help us celebrate a special milestone of our great institution.

Get involved! Were you, or a family member or a friend, ever part of the Club? Do you have an old photos or stories? If you have anything interesting which you can share, please contact us here or email us at so we can compile a more complete picture of the last 100 years!

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