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Since the '1925' club kit was approved by British Cycling and the decision was made to make this the official, registered club kit from the start of 2022, we have been working with Nopinz, the leading UK manufacturer of high-quality skinsuits, to create a range specifically for us.

We are pleased to confirm that 8 different suits (for different racing purposes) are now available through our Nopinz e-shop.

The design is an evolution of the popular '1925' design, with a number of really nice touches incorporated specifically for racing. And these can be worn at races with immediate effect, as British Cycling have allowed a transition period to phase in this design and phase out the old one. We just need to make sure that we only have one design present at any event for the remainder of 2021.

Production takes 28-33 working days with garments sent direct to you.

You can access the shop and the sizing guide, and to order your kit, here:

Use the password:  NewburyRoadClub2021

Like Kalas, Nopinz have also developed other branded club kit for us, which is available through their e-shop link. This includes:


  • Unique items such as racing flow covers, facemasks and turbo trainer towels

  • A wider range of club jerseys and gilets than is available through Kalas, although the prices are higher

  • A range of bib shorts and tights with different detailing than the Kalas offering, at a comparable price

  • Items that we struggle to deliver through Kalas due to minimum order quantities - arm warmers and leg warmers - which can be ordered as one-off items through Nopinz

Take advantage of our two fantastic club kit suppliers to order all of the kit you need.

If you any questions about these or other items of Kit, please get in touch with us using the contact form and tick the 'kit shop box', or email us at

NRC Nopinz skin suit in action
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