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Listen to the Treacher!

NRC Women take part in inaugural Road Skills session.

Ready for the session

A group of NRC ladies gathered on Sunday 13 June to participate in the inaugural Road Skills session. Even the thought of spending the morning with seven ladies didn’t deter Chris Treacher, who kindly gave up his time to impart his knowledge.

Heading to Boxford

Regroup - take stock

The morning started with a ride out through Bagnor, with instruction on how best to take corners without losing too much speed. All too often we don’t give ourselves enough space, which results in losing speed. By staying wide, if possible and safe to do so, more speed is carried through, allowing you to get away from the junction quicker. Which, if you have an irate driver behind you, is a good thing.

“Back on the chain gang”

After a few more corners, we then progressed to the Chain Gang. On a long flat road, we formed a single line and practised dropping off the front and re-joining at the back of the chain. It took a few attempts, but after a while we were looking like pros. We even tried the chain in pairs, but this is going to take a bit longer to master.

Chris Treacher passes on tips for the road

We then headed back to Newbury, stopping for the obligatory coffee and cake, talking through what we had learnt.

Coffee at Honesty at The Hartley Arms

Well done to Nicky A, Maureen, Lorraine, Nicole, Lucy, Jan and Debbie. And many thanks of course to Chris Treacher.

More Road Skills sessions will be organised in the future, so watch this space for more information.


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