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Banjos, Bike Prepping and Beating Cancer!

Huge thanks to Mark Letters and the Banjo’s Team for hosting NRC’s latest social on Wednesday 20th March 2023 - an evening of expert advice for prepping a bike for Summer riding, followed by a guest speaker.

Think big. Shop local.

Mark Letters, no stranger to putting a bike up on the stand, kicked off the evening by providing lots of tips for getting a bike in tip top condition and answered lots of questions about tubes v tubeless, tyre pressures, cleaning, etc.

Team Banjo were on hand throughout the evening, working in both the workshop and the shop.  NRC members receive a 10% discount from purchases in Banjo’s (and the adjacent Specialized Concept Store), excluding sale items.  And if you’re looking for an item and they haven’t got it, they will always do their best to source it for you.  NRC members also receive 15% discount on servicing and workshop.

Don’t forget, NRC Members receive 10% discount from purchases and 15% discount on servicing.

Marion Templeman recounts riding across America

After a short refreshment break, guest speaker and NRC member Marion Templeman stepped up to share her inspirational story.  In 2021 Marion had breast cancer. Being an exercise addict, in May 2023 she took on an epic Ride Across America from the West to the East - 5,300 kilometres, 10 states, and 90 days of bike packing, whilst raising £23k for Move against Cancer - a charity that helps younger people with Cancer and focuses on the importance of exercise during and after Cancer diagnosis.

Marion spoke of how she is terrible at navigation, had never changed a bike tyre and couldn’t remember how to put up a tent!  She recounted calling Mark Letters from the road side during the trip to guide her through repairing a puncture! 

She had arranged to ride this trip with a couple of friends, one doing the first six weeks and the other the latter.  However, things didn’t go quite to plan and she spent a lot of the time riding solo and sleeping in ditches, petrol stations and churches, but still she kept going and completed the Challenge in August!

Marion will now be dusting off her TT bike ready for the NRC TT season, we’re hoping to see her on some Club rides too!

Marion - thank you for sharing your story which will resonate with us all, especially when the going gets tough!

Thank you to our Social Events Team for organising another great event!




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