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Fundamentals of puncture repair: A Banjo’s workshop

Thank you to Will and Ellie at Banjo’s for hosting a Puncture Repair Fundamentals workshop for NRC riders on Tuesday 16th April 2024 - an evening of expert advice on how to repair punctures (tube and tubeless).

The event was split into two groups. One dealing with wheels with inner tubes which was run by Will, and one without (tubeless) which was run by Ellie.

Innertube workshop

Will provided a useful and informative session including tips for getting tough tyres on and off, examining a tyre and tube carefully to diagnose the cause of the problems, identifying when a tyre needs replacing, running relevant tyre pressures, etc.

Members were encouraged to have a go and practice removing a back wheel from a member’s bike and replacing it whilst aligning with the cassette.

Tubeless workshop

The tubeless workshop was run by Ellie, and she provided examples of tubeless tyres in various states of demise, where the tubeless sealant had done its job in sealing a small puncture on its own, and examples where they needed to be filled with tyre plugs, or “sticky worms” as she calls them. She also showed how to remove the tyre from the wheel rim, which has a slightly different technique to normal tubed tyres.

There were also examples and demos of various tools and gadgets and how to use them such as the tyre repair tool, a key for opening the valve to add sealant to the tyre, and a tyre booster which uses compressed air to aid in seating a tubeless tyre more easily.


A great session – thanks again to the team at Banjo’s.

Team Banjo were on hand throughout the evening, working in both the workshop and the shop.  NRC members receive a 10% discount from purchases in Banjo’s (and the adjacent Specialized Concept Store), excluding sale items.  And if you’re looking for an item and they haven’t got it, they will always do their best to source it for you.  NRC members also receive 15% discount on servicing and workshop.


Don’t forget, NRC Members receive 10% discount from purchases and 15% discount on servicing.


Thank you to our Social Events Team for organising another great event!


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