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Busy at work? Fancy an later start? Hop on the NRC evening ride!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

On Tuesday evenings, NRC has introduced regular evening rides. The rides will start from Newbury Wharf at 18.00 with a circular back to Newbury.

These will be Red and Blue graded, but not stopping at a café or pub en-route. They will be about 15-30 miles to ensure we get back before dark, but we hope to extend the distances slightly as the evenings get longer. We would also like to run a Green graded ride, departing at the same time, if there is demand.

The non stop rides dates are posted on our events calendar. Start location, route and sign-on for members is all on the Club Rides App Spond and, as always, non-members are welcome to ‘come and try it’ by contacting the club through the website contact page.


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