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Open Time Trials - The Next Challenge.

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Many club members will be familiar with Club Time Trials, Newbury Road Club host one most weeks during summer. Many club members will have ridden or helped out with one at some time. However, fewer may be familiar with the Open Time Trial scene.

Open Time Trials are perhaps the next tier of racing beyond the club event. So, you may ask, why would I want to enter? Open Time Trials are- maybe- a little more competitive than Club Events. You will certainly be riding against a wider spectrum of riders from across the District and possibly the country. Some courses can attract riders from far and wide seeking a new Personal Best. An Open Time Trial is generally a bigger event than the mid-week club time trial and can have 120 or more riders on a popular course. Despite them being competitive events where riders ride for their club as well as themselves, they are no less friendly than a club event, although it’s fair to say that Covid restrictions have inevitably impacted on their social side at present. Open Events frequently offer prizes and not only to the fastest riders. Time Trials have long had a Veteran’s Handicap system where riders’ times are adjusted for age. There are often Team Prizes that reward members competing from the same club. The events offer an HQ and in non-Covid times refreshments. For some, it may be their first time riding on a course outside of their own club's area.

Newbury Road Club falls within the London West District of Cycling Time Trials and with the restarting of outdoor sport our District is seeking to promote its Open Events across the District. Entries are open to any club member, although the entry process is a little more complex than for a Club Event. Below are listed the District’s events for May. If you are interested and want to know more, please contact our Time Trial Secretary, Ian Lakey, through our contact form, or come along and have a chat on a Wednesday evening. (Please note, entries generally close 10 days before the event).

Early May Bank Holiday Monday May 3rd

Newbury Velo kick off the racing with a 10-mile race on the A4 between Newbury and Hungerford.

Second Weekend (8th and 9th of May)

The second weekend in May offers Farnham Road Club’s 10 mile event on the popular H10/8 at Bentley on Saturday the 8th

followed by Westerley CC’s ‘10’ between Marlow and Maidenhead on Sunday the 9th

Newbury Road Club have a 25-mile event between Thatcham and Theale which is perfect preparation for the longer race

Third Weekend, May 16th

This weekend has the first of the District’s longer distance events, with Reading CC’s 50 mile race on the single carriageway A4 near Aldermaston

Fourth Weekend, May 22nd and 23rd

Events over 10 and 25 miles are on offer, with North Hampshire RC's 10 mile event on the A31 Bentley course

and High Wycombe's 25 mile event on the Marlow course.

Spring Bank Holiday, May 31st

Newbury Velo round off the month with a Bank Holiday Monday 15-mile time-trial on the roads between Hungerford and Newbury


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