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Cold Weather Kit Fitting Evening

Despite the fact that the sun was out and we’re expecting a heatwave next week, we had a fantastic turnout for our cold weather kit fitting evening, combined with a social evening at the Bowlers Arms in Wash Common.

Other than the chance to get together and have a drink and a meal, the purpose was to provide samples of our wide range of cold(er) weather clothing from our supplier, Kalas, with the opportunity to see, feel and try them on. This is particularly important as it is a bit more expensive than the lighter-weight summer kit, so getting the sizing right is vital.

All the kit was borrowed for the evening from club members, so thank you enormously to everyone who trusted us with their kit.

The evening was due to start at 7pm, but when I turned up at 6:30 to set up, we already had someone waiting. And that was just a sign of things to come as we had an amazing turnout and loads of interest in the kit. We were so busy that I never had a chance to put up the club signage!

It was great to see 2 of our very newest members, Linda joining by video link and many other members who have never previously owned club kit working out their sizing for a perfect fit. By the end of the evening I'm pretty sure everyone left knowing their size and the items they were interested in. And if you need a reminder, I have attached details of our cold weather kit items at the end.

I was so busy at my clothes stall that I hardly noticed the large group out on the terrace enjoying their drinks and food as they chatted in the sun.

To purchase your cold weather kit (or any of the warmer weather items too), you will need to visit our online club kit shop, which is open until late in the evening on Sunday 10 July.

To access the kit shop please use the following link and password nra321.

The only payment method is PayPal, so if this is a problem for you, please contact me and I will be able to order for you.

All kit ordered will arrive at the beginning of September. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Chris Matthews, Club Kit


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