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Come and give a Time Trial a go... you might even enjoy it!

"I really enjoyed my first TT and will be back for more this season.  It was much less daunting than I thought and everyone was very welcoming."

David Glenn

Spring is fast approaching and it’s time to start planning your fitness programme for the coming season.  If you fancy trying something new - and having some fun along the way –taking part in a Time Trial might just tick the boxes.


All you need is your bike


Most newcomers to Time Trialing ride standard road bikes so lack of a specialist bike or a pointy helmet is no excuse.  Provided your bike is road-worthy, you are good to go.


There is nothing to be nervous about – you’re riding against yourself


In a Time Trial, it doesn’t matter whether you are the fastest or slowest person on the day.   It is just you and your bike, against yourself.  Everyone is only really interested in their own time, not yours. And, given that we set riders off in reverse order (fastest last), even if you are starting from a low base, it’s likely riders will be finishing after you.


If you do not feel any benefit afterwards, then fine – you never have to ride a time trial again.  But at least you have given it a go. You never know, you might even enjoy it! 


And next time, you will have a better idea how to pace yourself and you will likely see significant improvement.  Believe me, it’s easy to get the bug.


So, what are you waiting for? 


Our 2024 season starts on 16th March with 10 miles on a straight and relatively traffic-free course which is great for beginners. If you can’t make it, we have lots more events. - the calendar is here.


If you are not sure whether or not Time Trialing is for you, come along to an event and have a look.  We have refreshments after every event and non-riders are always welcome.



If you would like to know more about what a Time Trial is or how it works, please email me on


Ian Chitty

NRC Time Trial Secretary


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