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NRC Members step up to First Aid Training

As part of its ongoing membership development and Club investment, NRC riders took part in ‘First Aid Course for Emergencies’ on Saturday 22 January.

Volunteers from the ranks of NRC ride organisers and its wider membership were instructed on life-saving procedures as well as dealing with wounds, medical emergencies and trauma.

The course was organised by NRC Member Development Lead, Shaun Ward, who himself suffered a nasty shoulder fracture on a Club Ride on the Isle of Wight in 2021. “While NRC rides are organised with safety top on mind, unfortunately cyclists can be at an increased risk of accidents and are shown to be more likely to stop at another accident. They are often further away from the Emergency Medical Services than normal. For those reasons, having skills that cover basic life support and the specific problems that are faced by cyclists are invaluable in the Club.”

Keeping oneself and fellow cyclists safe from danger, while dealing with an injured cyclist were central to the course content, delivered by Mark from First Aid Specialists, Meducate Training. Delegates were given hands-on training on CPR, the use of a defibrillator and other key emergency procedures. The day concluded with a written assessment, which everyone passed, and those who took part are certified to offer First Aid Support if required.

NRC hopes to run more funded First Aid courses during the year – if members are interested, look out for communications in usual NRC Club Channels.

“While there is no obligation on those who volunteer for these courses to provide First Aid on Rides, all participants are keen to do so, and it is such an important life skill,” said Shaun. “It gives you the confidence and knowledge to deal with accidents quickly, correctly and efficiently. First Aid makes a significant contribution to an injured person’s recovery and can even be the difference between life and death.”


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