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NRC Women’s Cycling Group Wins Community Award

Newbury Road Club’s Women’s Ride Group wins West Berkshire Community Group of the Year Award.

Newbury Road Club is delighted to announce that its Women’s Ride Group has won the West Berkshire Community Champion Award for Community Group of the Year.

The Community Champion Awards honour individuals and community groups who have gone above and beyond to support residents throughout West Berkshire.

This particular award recognises and rewards Newbury Road Club for the work it has done to encourage women to cycle, and the significant positive impact on the health, wellbeing and fitness of many ladies in West Berkshire.

NRC Women’s Ride Lead, Lorraine Murrell
NRC Women’s Ride Lead, Lorraine Murrell

NRC Women’s Ride Lead, Lorraine Murrell, was delighted that the Club impressed the judges. “Cycling, especially in groups, is shown to improve physical and mental well-being, as well as being good for the environment,” said Lorraine. “However, research shows that women are much less likely to cycle than men, with a lack of road confidence, safety and technical know-how cited as main reasons. So, we decided to change all that and developed our Women’s Ride Group.”

“It is no exaggeration to say that its impact has been transformative. Over 60 women are now signed up on the Club ride app and the demand is growing. The frequency of Women’s Rides is monthly, evening rides are also a regular feature in the Summer. They have attracted a wide range of female cyclists, from those who have not ridden a bike for years, to those with a triathlon in mind, and those who just feel happier riding with other women.”

Cyclist and Club member, Lucy Hutchins
Cyclist and Club member, Lucy Hutchins.

The Club was nominated for the award by Cyclist and Club member, Lucy Hutchins. “I just love the spirit of this group,” she said. “The emphasis is on fun, as well as fitness, and the rides promote the opportunity to make new friends, discover new places and get out-and-about with like-minded women. I joined the first Women’s Group Ride in April and have seen so many new faces each month.”

Ebikes, road bikes and hybrid bikes have all been welcomed and the rides are often split to cater for differing speeds. All the women cyclists share the enjoyment of being out in a group, some have reported life-changing benefits and most agree they have pushed themselves way beyond what they ever thought was possible before they joined.

Steve Dawes, NRC Chairman explained, “The rides are planned and organised by a dedicated group of NRC lady members. Together they have nurtured, encouraged and supported cyclists, who return ride-after-ride, to build on their achievements. NRC has a fantastic programme of mixed-group weekday, weekend, evening and away day events, many ladies are regularly joining these rides too.”

NRC now boasts an increase in female riders, currently just under 30% of the membership and growing! There are plans to expand the Women’s Group activity further with longer supported rides, away-days and educational evenings on fitness, nutrition and basic bike maintenance.

The NRC Women’s Ride Group is closing the gender gap in cycling, has been widely embraced by local women and is a huge boost to local cycling.

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