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Ogres seen on Spond!!!

No, I don't mean those kind of ogres... I mean the NRC OGRES riders, who have been out regularly on Tuesday & Thursday mornings for many years now, albeit with a few interruptions recently for 'you know what'. Given that the 'you know what' restrictions have been eased recently, we wanted to promote the OGRES outings a little more explicitly, hence the new listings on the NRC Spond group. If you can't see the OGRES listings, but want to see the details, please contact Dave Martin (

And if you want to know what the acronym 'OGRES' actually stands for, you will need to pitch up to one of the rides & find out for yourself!

OGRES rides are a more relaxed alternative (in terms of distance, speed and start time) to the regular Blue rides that also run on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The rides are not formally led or organised, there is no pre-planned route, riders need to be self-sufficient and be prepared to look after themselves if the group splits before it returns. Participation, route and chosen cafe stop may be influenced by the weather and based on ‘whoever turns up’.

Meeting Place: Waitrose roundabout at 10am

Destination: TBA - approx. 35 mile loop at 12-13 mph with cafe stop

Cafe: Decided on the day

Route: Not provided, you should be prepared to self-navigate

If you are interested in joining the OGRES for a spin, you do not need to accept or decline the ride in Spond as they are not monitored. OGRES rides may not take place without warning. However, if we happen to know a ride is not going to run, we will cancel the Spond invitation.

If you decide to attend an OGRES ride, please abide by the usual conditions required by the NRC & British Cycling for the safe participation:

  1. Act responsibly & adhere to the rules of the road,

  2. Ensure you are fit & healthy enough to participate,

  3. Ensure your cycle is in a safe, legal and roadworthy condition, and

  4. Note that NRC cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability during the event.


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