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Arthur Frost

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Arthur Celebrated 68 years in the Club in 2018

It is with the greatest sadness that I have to report the passing of Arthur Frost. Arthur joined the Club in the 1950s and was Treasurer until about 2000 when he retired through ill health. He was also Club President for a few years as well.

It cannot be emphasised enough the part that Arthur has played in the history of the Club. Throughout the West Berkshire area he was known as ‘Mr Newbury Road Club’ or to non cyclists as ‘the Newbury Cyclist’.

In the days when the Club only had a handful of members he would put in his own money to keep the Club afloat.

He is known across the whole of Southern England for his racing expertise and never give up attitude. He probably rode at least 75,0000 miles in his illustrious career.

Arthur has kept meticulous records of Club activities during that period as well.

Those of us that knew him will miss him a lot.

Our condolences go to Maureen, also a stalwart Club member and helper, to Peter, a former Club member and the rest of the Frost family including Dave Jones, Arthur’s brother in law.

Bob Lyle

NRC Club President

Arthur (right) with Dave Jones at the Club BBQ in August 2018


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