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NRC goes Off Road

Gorrick Winter Series XC Classic Round 1, October 24 Oct 2021

In action at the Gorrick Winter series XC Classic

Last Sunday I raced in a cross-country Mountain bike race located near Frimley Green, open to all ages and abilities and run by the Gorrick MTB Club. Surprisingly for October the weather was perfect with the course well drained from the rain earlier in the week and we even basked in sunshine for a while.

It was the first of 2-Winter Series XC events with the next on November 14, but they run other endurance events in the calendar ranging from 3 to 12 hours hrs where you can ride solo, in pairs or as a team.

I’ve been riding at Gorrick events in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey on and off since the early 90’s and you can always ensure that there is a friendly welcoming atmosphere and some challenging terrain to conquer. All are welcome to have a go and there are categories to suit all ages and abilities with the hillier sections removed for the younger children and fewer laps for those adults that just want to have a bit of fun. At the other end of the scale there are manufacturer supported and sponsored riders who do not hang around.

Each lap is usually around 20 mins long and race lengths vary from 1 to 5 laps dependant on the category.

The club can be found here: and here on Facebook

If you enjoy riding off road and fancy a challenge, then why not give it a go? As an adult you can simply enter the ‘fun’ category or if you’ve raced before ride within your age ranges.

See you on November 14?

Steve Miller

Photo © Kevin Sheldrake



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